Intl. Symposium of Mosaic 2015

The first International Symposium of Mosaic, organized by the cultural association Clauiano Mosaics & More, was held in Udine, Italy at the studio of Giulio Menossi and in Clauiano, Italy. Area furniture manufacturers sponsored each artist by providing a "blank" chair which the artists embellished, creating new works of mosaic in just 11 days. The exhibition in Clauiano was part of a weekend "Musivarium Festival" featuring performances, presentations, food, music, dance and local crafts. Eleven mosaic artists from around the world were invited: Marianne Minuzzi (France), Mia Tavonatti (USA), Olga Goulandris (Greece), Rosemarie Castro (Brazil), Suzanne Spahi (Canada), Vanessa Rivera (Puerto Rico), Angela Zimek (Austria), Irina Kuchmenko (Russia), Julie Richey (USA), Liliana Waisman (Argentina), and Lillian Sizemore (USA/England).