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3-Dimensional Mosaic Substrates with Lynne Chinn

Hosted by Julie Richey Mosaics and Tours in the historic Bishop Arts District, Dallas, TX  

Sessions:  4 days: 9:30am - 5:00pm Thursday, April 5 thru Sunday, April 8, 2018

Level:        Some working knowledge of mosaics (not for the beginner)

Cost:        800.00   

Format:   Teacher video presentation and demo, hand-out, hands-on 3-D substrate creation & mosaic discussion. Class Size: 6 students minimum, 12 students maximum.

Materials:    $75.00. Styrofoam, pins, adhesives, carving and smoothing implements, fiberglass mesh, gloves and many other products will be provided. Lynne will contact you by email with a list of items and tools to bring with you to make your work easier. (No tesserae will be provided).

"Arabesque" by Lynne Chinn

"Arabesque" by Lynne Chinn

    Have you seen Lynne Chinn’s award-winning mosaic sculptures and wondered how she made them? Learn how to create a shapely 3-d surface for yourself under the watchful eye of professional mosaicist Lynne Chinn, as she navigates you through all of the decisions and steps that go into such a project. 
    The purpose of this class is to design, create and complete one shapely 3-D substrate for your mosaic artwork. Begin by watching the instructor demonstrate the techniques, learn which materials are best to use as an underlayment, how to build up your shape, what to use to cover what you have built-up, and which tools to use to manipulate the materials successfully so that you can create a smooth, shapely and long-lasting surface to attach your mosaic artwork to. She will also share how best to incorporate a hanging mechanism to this kind of substrate so that you will be able to hang your finished mosaic art work. 
    Next, a one-on-one consultation with the teacher, as well as a quick 3-D design/sketch session will help every student in class to decide upon the shape of sculpture that they would like to accomplish. 
    Then, plunge into the building process with Lynne's guidance to steer you around any pitfalls, difficulties or mistakes that can happen. After your substrate is built, Lynne will discuss how best to design and place your mosaic to get the most dynamic result out of your contoured surface. She'll share some tips for calculating and ordering your materials and for preparing the raw surface for the next step of adhering your tesserae. 
    If there is any time left in the class, you are welcome to bring tesserae and start mosaicking your completed substrate. Lynne will be happy to give you some direction if desired. 

"Arabesque" substrate by Lynne Chinn

"Arabesque" substrate by Lynne Chinn