We offer consulting services with one goal in mind: to promote the art of mosaic as a viable, sustainable and appropriate architectural medium.  When properly executed and installed, mosaics can last for centuries.  The ancient mosaic pavements of Zeugma, Turkey have endured earthquakes, invasions and environmental stresses.  Yet they remain intact. Why? Because time-tested methods were used to fabricate and install them. 

Plan Wisely.  Avoid Mosaic-tastrophe!

Decision Makers: Do you know what questions to ask artists when reviewing their portfolios?  Once the mosaic is installed, it's too late to rethink the adhesive.  Will they use thinset, mastic, some glue from a tube?  Will it withstand weather?  Is the material frost-proof and fade-proof?  Is the installer qualified?  Will the project be completed on time and meet your expectations?  We're here to help you get the important details right the first time. 

Invaluable Advice for Artists, Decision Makers and Installers

About to embark on a large or intimidating mosaic project?  Whether it's a small residential project or a large public art commission, it's essential to get every detail right.  Budgets, insurance, selecting the appropriate materials and quantities for your unique needs, planning the pattern and selecting the proper adhesives: we provide you with the necessary organizational tools to help you achieve a well-planned, successful installation.

How do we know these things? Nothing like a firsthand view to drive home the realities of sub-par sub-contractors.

We've been in business long enough to have seen all kinds of mosaic installations.  When fabricated and installed properly, mosaics will last a lifetime, both indoors or out, in private or public spaces. Unfortunately the mosaic art form attracts many do-it-yourselfers, and without the proper knowledge of substrates, adhesives and installation methods, the result can be anything from a disappointment to a disaster.   If you're going to invest in a mosaic commission, or you're an artist on the verge of creating the Next Big Thing, why not make the extra effort to ensure it's done correctly?  We're here to help, from writing up a plan to supervising an installation. 


Contact us to discuss your project.  We offer reasonable sliding-scale fees for artists, public art commissions, installers and commercial project managers.